Sand-Carved vs Laser Etched Pet Memorials

Sand-Carved vs Laser Etched Pet Memorials

Comparison of Laser Engraving and Sand-Blasting

Laser Engraving

  • Uses a laser beam to etch an image or text onto the surface of the granite
  • Creates precise and detailed engravings
  • Digital process that allows for high degree of accuracy and flexibility
  • Can be used to engrave detailed images, text, and even photographs
  • Engraving not as deep as sand-blasting
  • Image tone mono creating a contrast from the polish stone


  • Uses a stencil and high-pressure air and abrasive particles to etch image or text onto the surface of the granite
  • Creates deeper engravings with a more tactile and pronounced texture
  • Offers a luxurious and elegant look
  • Slower process and requires more materials and equipment
  • More expensive than laser engraving

New Technology Advancements

  • Special films can be used over the granite to laser the stencil and provide laser detailed quality stencil for deeper engraving with sand-blaster.
  • Allows for even more precision and intricate designs
  • Provides a deeper, more luxurious engraving that exudes elegance and sophistication.
Feature Laser Engraving Sand-Blasting
Technique Laser beam vaporizes surface High-pressure air and abrasive particles
Depth of Engraving Not as deep Deeper
Precision High Moderate - High
Production Speed Faster Slower
Cost Less expensive More expensive
Look Precise and detailed engraved only on surface not as bright as sand-blast due to depth and color fill Luxurious and elegant with more pronounced texture
New Technology Advancement Advances in the use of precision laser engraving, a special film that will provide detail to sand-carvings

New Stencil technology allows for detail Precision

Extreme Environments
Can be affected by extreme weather conditions

Resistant to extreme weather conditions